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SALE! Mystery Bundles

SALE! Mystery Bundles

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We love our new tiny shop, but when we get big shipments in, some other stuff just has to go!  And that means you get a deal!

We're going to try something new, and we'll see if you folks like it...  We're purging bolts that are running low, and setting up some Mystery Bundles! 

Now, these fabrics aren't old, or "rejects."  They're the same great quality you expect from us.  But if we only have a yard left on the bolt (and as you can see from the French Terry above, that can happen FAST!) it's got to make room for the new stuff that's arriving.

You'll get at least one yard of fabric for only $5. It'll be in pieces at least as big as a fat or skinny quarter. And it might be a whole yard of something! Or even a little more!

Quilting - The same top quality Quilting Cotton you expect from us.
Woven - Anything other than quilting, like Linen, Rayon, Silk, Hemp or Apparel Cotton.
Knits - Jersey, French Terry, Velour in Cotton, Bamboo, Hemp, or Soy

This is a great way to build your stash for quilting -  or to blend with your up-cycle projects - or tiny gift projects like scrunchies, hats, scarves - or clothes for baby and  grandkids.

Bargain Shipping on these is only $3, and no extra shipping charge if you combine with any other item.

(Fabrics shown are not necessarily what you will get.  It's a MYSTERY! But you knew that...)
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