Meet Our Staff

Eureka Fabrics is locally owned, and we pride ourselves on friendly, knowledgeable service. Everyone who works here has terrific sewing skills so we can help you.  This is our Happy Place.  Come on in and say hi!  

Meet Leslie.  She’s been at EF for over four years, and is now our bricks and mortar store manager, and runs our Pinterest page.   She is also a Costume Assistant at North Coast Dance.  Of course, she loves to sew Steampunk for herself and her fiancé.   If you see someone sauntering down the street in a Kinsale Cloak, that's probably Leslie.

Meet Shay. Shay has been sewing since she was very young and has always been passionate about designing and constructing apparel. She loves vintage fashion, and is a historical costume nerd. Shay joins Leslie as a Costume Assistant at North Coast Dance.  She is our online store manager, and updates our Facebook page.   Please visit us there!

Meet Rachel.  A retired teacher and lifelong fashion sewing maven, Rachel is a certified Pati Palmer Fit Instructor.   Her official title is at the shop is “Fairy Godmother”, and you’ll find her teaching many of our classes.  You can also contact her for private fit sessions.  

Meet Susan.  Susan developed her love of fiber crafts at an early age, and has channeled this passion for handwork into eleven years of embroidery, appliqué, needle felting, wet felting, and sewing classes to both young and adult students.  Contact Susan for private and small group instruction.

Meet Rima.  Shop owner, and general fabric freak.  Rima also owns a thriving  business in Los Angeles, but her heart has always been with her sewing machine.   She is a costume designer as well, currently designing for Eureka’s ballet company, North Coast Dance.   Contact her if you have any questions, issues, suggestions, or just to say hi.