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Boyfriend Sweater Pattern - HARD COPY OR DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

Boyfriend Sweater Pattern - HARD COPY OR DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

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Use this pattern to create comfy oversize sweaters, tees, turtlenecks, cowlnecks dresses, vests, and dusters.

This design has dropped shoulders, and a chunky cowl-like turtleneck, and a very relaxed fit with lots of ease.

Comes in sizes S-XL, for bust measurements 32- 46


Most sizes can be made (with long sleeves) from 3 yards of 60” wide knit fabric, depending on desired length. We recommend fabric that has at least 50% stretch across the grain.

If you are making a dress or duster, then you will need once the desired length, plus sleeve length, plus 1/8 yard.

This pattern is recommended for sewists who are already familiar with basic sewing techniques. 

Sizes based on HIGH BUST measurement:

S 32-36/ M35-39/ L 39-43/ XL 43-46

Pattern has all sizes included.

Your HIGH BUST is the measurement under your arms, not across your breast area.   This gives you the size of your frame, so the shoulders and neck will fit correctly.  If the difference between your HIGH BUST and your FULL BUST is more than 1.5”, you will want to do a FULL BUST ADJUSTMENT.  Instructions are in our patterns, and you can find a video tutorial on our YouTube Channel:

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