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Beautiful Recycled Cotton Hand Made Papers from India

Beautiful Recycled Cotton Hand Made Papers from India

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We love to go shopping for textiles in India!  On our last trip, a friend took us to a tiny factory (read:  12 ladies in a barn) where they were taking recycled cotton fibers and making these incredible art papers! 

 They have various textures, and are hand painted.  They are quite substantial - some of them actually feel a little like leather!  You could use these for making books, scrapbooking, art cards, envelopes, origami, and all manner of paper crafts.

They are all approximates 14 X 18" - some may be as big as 15 X 20".  Some have cut edges, some "natural edges".  They are all stunning.

This is a one-time thing.  We won't be able to get more unless we go back to Ganeshpuri...  

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