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Batik Rayon Challis - The Dark Prince - Black & Gray

Batik Rayon Challis - The Dark Prince - Black & Gray

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Rayon Challis (say "shall-EE") is one of our fave fabrics. It's soft and drapey like Silk Crepe, but has all the comfort and washability properties of cotton. And yes, it's a natural fabric - it's made from wood pulp.

This particular Challis is a little heavier than you're used to, so it's opaque, but still retains that beautiful, liquid drape. This is part of a collection that we commissioned to be hand painted in Bali especially for us. You won't find these anywhere else.

Rayon Challis is ideal for tops, dresses, skirts and pants. Basically, it's perfect for anything that requires the drape and softness you think of when you think of silk.

These Batiks are particularly great for making scarves, ponchos, and garments with a loose drape, or anything where you will see the reverse of the fabric. Most printed fabrics only have the print on one side. But because of the batik process, both sides of the fabric have taken the dyes. They will be slightly different, but they're both beautiful.

45" wide Order in increments of 1/2 or 1 yard, and we will cut you one continuous length.

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