About Organic Fabrics


Our Organic fabrics are fully certified by the Institute for Market Ecology, Control Union, Organic Crop Improvement Association , US National Organic Program, or Ecocert. 

 In addition, the factories must adhere to the Worldwide Responsible Apparel Production guidelines. You can find these guidelines at wrapapparel.org

 Workers operate in a well maintained, healthy, safe environment; they are well trained for their jobs; treated with respect; paid fairly, and receive health insurance, sick leave, and maternity leave.

 The dyes used on our Organic fabrics are nontoxic, safe, and eco friendly. 

 Even our non-organic are fair trade.   Most are sourced from Italy, Germany, and Japan.   Our Indian Handwovens are crafted in villages and co-ops, which bring income to people in remote areas.  No child labor is used on any of our products.

 Eureka Fabrics we do our best to help you look fabulous, while making the world a better place. Check out our Environmental Policy for even more info!

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