Wooden Craft Loom for Adults (and kids too!)

Eureka Fabrics

Regular price $29.00

This 15.75 X 13.75" wooden loom is ideal for beginning weavers, crafters, and kids.   It comes with the loom frame, one rigid heddle, stick shuttle, and beater/comb.   You can use this loom for tapestry weaving as well, without the rigid heddle.   It's easy to assemble, and comes with instructions on warping and weaving.

This is a great gift for kids ages 6 and up, but is also great for adults who want to do scarves, place mats, purses, wall hangings, and more.   Weave with yarn,  roving, fabric strips, paper, or anything else you can get your hands on.

This item is shipped directly from the manufacturer to save you money, but it might take a little while,  we promise it’s worth the wait!

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