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Americans spend more than $7 billion a year on 4 million tons of wrapping paper each year.  Here's a fun fact:  typical paper density for gift wrapping paper is 60 grams per square meter (or about 0.012 pounds per square foot).  At 4 million pounds, that’s over 333 million square feet, or about 5,787 NFL football fields worth of wrapping. 

Kinda silly to spend all that money on stuff we just throw away.   So, we think we should go back to the traditional Japanese way of wrapping gifts:  With a Furoshiki!   That way, your friend or family member, not only gets their gift, they get a Furoshiki they can keep or pass along to another friend.   And as a side benefit, you can make everyone happy while not cutting down a single tree, and not putting any more stuff in the landfill.  Win/Win/Win!

And, to put our money where our mouths are, we're offering a FREE PDF of our Furoshiki how-to booklet, where you can learn how to wrap gifts, make tote bags and purses, and all sorts of other great stuff out of your Furoshiki in seconds!   And feel free to print this booklet to give with each Furoshiki you give away!

Happy wrapping!

NOTE: This item is drop shipped from the manufacturer, so please be patient... it may take a few weeks.  But we promise it's worth the wait. 

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