Sewing for Summer - Instant Gratification Clothes

It's always nice to have new clothes for summer, but you don't want to spend your whole summer making them.   So, we thought we'd give you some quick hints on how to make your summer wardrobe in a flash.  That way, you can get back out in the garden or on the beach, where you REALLY want to be!

Let's start with our Basic Tee.  

Super easy to make.  Takes a mere one to one and a quarter yards for short sleeves (depending on how long you want it).   We recommend all our knits for these.   Whether you want a solid or a print, all of these fabrics will make up brilliantly in this pattern.

Of course, you can also hack this pattern into a zillion styles.   Cut the front extra wide, then fold the extra back in to make a placket that laces up the front.   Or cut it off at your midriff and put in an elastic band to make a cute little sports top.  Cut it extra long (using our skirt hack in the pattern instructions) and make it a dress.   Add a couple of long triangles into the side seams, and make this dress that I saw in a catalog somewhere....

Need comfy pull-on shorts?  Try our Basic Pants or Leggings pattern for the loose and comfy, or tight and sexy versions.  Add on-seam or patch pockets, so your iPhone can make it to the beach with you.

These are all projects you can do in just a couple of hours.  You'll look and feel fabulous, and ready to go out and play!